Friday, December 31

Celebrities That TALK Alike! Ellen Degeneres & Lizzy Caplan

Next time you're watching Ellen's talk show or Party Down or 1/8/08 or what have you, notice how similarly Ellen and Lizzy speak. It comes out with their "-ck"s and "-gg"s, this sound like they're holding the backs of their tongues down far back in their throats. Also I guess the way they might say "orange" would be an example of what I'm talking about. Or if you could imagine them saying "That's crazy."

I wonder if this is a regional accent. I will add other people who speak like this as I find them.

Thursday, December 30

Zach Braff & Dax Shepard

Obviously, fraternal twin brothers. (Sometimes even the smartest audiences need their fraternal twins to be basically identical except for one feature. Talkin to you, Olsen twins!)

Josh Hartnett & Tommy Lee Jones

I hear that Josh Brolin will be playing a young Agent K in the upcoming Men In Black sequel. I think this Josh might have been more fitting. But then again, Josh Brolin looks like a lot of people:

But he looks more like Billy Bob Thornton in this picture than anyone else.

Zach Galifianakis & John Goodman

In this picture in particular, good old Zach Galifianakis is the spitting image of John Goodman. It's enough to make me think about changing my mind about John Goodman!

I think this is a case of same-character-different-lifestage.

Wednesday, December 29

Mila Kunis & Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland (Modern Family) is probably older now than Mila Kunis was when she started That 70s Show. They could play sisters but I think they have such similar mannerisms that they could play each other at different ages.

If I could find somebody that looked like a teenage Jason Segel, they could do a prequel to Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I guess.


Hello, and welcome to Celebrities That Look Alike! Based on a post idea from my other blog, CTLA is a fully fledged compendium of celebrities that I think look alike. They may be great candidates for playing a single character at different ages, or maybe they would make a convincing family members. Either way, please feel free to weigh in in the comment area - some celebrities don't look alike to everyone!

To get us started, how about a gimme:

Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson

You two should play mother/daughter!