Tuesday, March 27

John C. Reilly & The Guy from Deep Space Nine (Colm Meaney)

For a long time I was the kid telling every person on earth that John C. Reilly got his start on Star Trek. "Captain! The misinformation...it's filling the air...with suffocating...falsehoods...Ay ay, cap'n. Let us go into hyperdrive." That is something John C. Reilly has probably never said. Or IS it????????

Clearly this would come in handy in a future Star Trek episode where Colm Meaney meets his boisterous, mildly brain damaged doppelganger.

Tuesday, March 6

Telly Monster & Jim Belushi

Jim Henson was already one of my favorite people ever, but now that I realize he clearly modeled Telly Monster after Jim Belushi, I appreciate him even more. Eyebrows, nose, hapless look. Telly could easily have slipped into the Mr. Destiny role, and Jim could easily slip into a pink furry vest and immediately be dogpiled by kids. Wah wahhhhhhhhh.