Thursday, February 24

Kevin Alejandro & the guy from Burn Notice


It's sort of hard to see how much they look alike in this picture, but I had no choice when I saw the identical arm-worship poses. Kevin Alejandro (Jesus from True Blood) and Jeffrey Donovan (the guy from Burn Notice) have really similar face shapes going on. How would you utilize a similarity like this? I can't see them playing brothers, and they seem more or less the same age. Maybe one could play Dr. Jekyll while the other one plays Mr. Hyde? Or otherwise they could be in a psychotic thriller as two versions of the same person, which gets to be too much for the female lead to handle. Then she splits into two people. And then they tell their friends, and they tell their friends...

Thursday, February 17

Max Burkholder & Jack White (Parenthood FTW)

Max Burkholder (aka Max from Parenthood) has a lot of talent. He plays a kid whose parents and Aspergers are always at odds. He also looks exactly like Jack White. 

It's not just the coloring, which is basically precisely the same - it's also the expressions they get on their faces. Both of these people seem able to remove themselves from earth and to seriously consider their thoughts from lightyears away. They both seem like they could come out of a trance with a fully-formed masterpiece inside their brains. They are both pale with long wavy dark hair and dark eyes. We did it!

Tuesday, February 15

Monica Potter & Sarah Ramos (Congratulations, Parenthood!)


Monica Potter and Sarah Ramos play mother and daughter on nbc's Parenthood (not to be confused with the WB's The Parent 'Hood). It doesn't really hit you at first sight, but after like three or four seconds it's pretty uncanny. The eyebrow arches and nostril flares especially. Great casting, Jennifer Lare, Camille H. Patton, Carrie Audino, and/or Laura Schiff (thanks, imdb)!!

Friday, February 11

Elizabeth Perkins & Margaret Colin & Katie Holmes

 Blair Waldorf's mom (Margaret Colin) and Elizabeth Perkins could play sisters. If the movie needed Blair Waldorf's mom to have an adult daughter, Katie Holmes could play her. They have similar undereye smile lines and coloring (if Holmes would dye her hair sort of red). These women look so much like family, their actual families must be confused all the time! Yes, they must.

Thursday, February 10

Agyness Deyn & Cobie Smulders

Agyness Deyn was a super popular model last decade. I'm pretty sure she's just kind of hanging out for right now, but I think she's really cool and I hope she gets a new buzz again soon ("buzz" meaning a popularity burst and/or a buzzcut). Cobie Smulders plays Robin Scherbatsky on how i met your mother, and I think she is also really cool. Apparently she's the same age as my brother, which is alarming - if this is the show's 6th season, does that mean that when it started she was 3 years younger than me? Sound the alarm.

Anyways, they look alike sometimes. These pictures are as close as I could get. But right?!

PS You have to disregard the hair a-doyyyy.

Tuesday, February 8

Amy Poehler & Beverley D'Angelo


If Beverly D'Angelo had had a child at 20, she could have been Amy Poehler. Right??!?!?!

Saturday, February 5

Gena Rowland & Blake Lively


This is a picture I took with my cameraphone of Gena Rowlands in A Woman Under the Influence and a picture of Blake Lively. I'm not really sure where this would go, since I don't really see a Gena Rowlands biopic starring Blake Lively going into production. But the similarity - it's uncanny!

Well which is it?!

Thursday, February 3

Katherine's Call: Angela Bower & Violet Bickerstaff

 Angela Bower (played by Judith Light) and Violet Bickerstaff (Screech's girlfriend, played by Tori Spelling) are basically identical. This is a great call by Kit Kat, if I do say so myself. The only issue is that Judith Light and Tori Spelling, themselves, are such polar opposites (even if they do still look slightly similar) that to put them together NOT as their characters would make anyone barf. Seriously, Judith Light plays like, Supreme Court judges. Tori Spelling tries on bathing suits for her reality tv show. Judith Light does legitimate theatre. Tori Spelling put her babies on television. Once I saw Judith Light in an elevator. Once I saw Tori Spelling in my toilet.

I'm thinking Time Travel Girl-Nerd Comedy, adult and teenaged.