Thursday, April 28

Christina Aguilera & Snooki

 Another case of in-real-life-they-look-alike-but-in-still-pictures-not-so-much lookalikes: Xtina and Shnickers! In honor of the premiere of The Voice last night, which I for some reason watched through its entirety, it's time to realize how much Christina Aguilera IS Snooki. They smile the same. They talk the same. In fact, it's almost like around Xtina's "Dirrrrrrrty" phase, Snooki could have just taken over and it explains everything that has happened since. Doesn't it make sense? Snooks comes in and is like "that's hot, let's do assless chaps" and then falls down an abyss of fading pop queendom until they both get hot again with reality shows! 

I think they look even more alike when Xtina has blonde hair, but that blog post was never going to convince you.

Thursday, April 14

Guy & Girl Fieri

photo courtesy of Best Week Ever
photo courtesy of Food Network

Guy Fieri and Anne Burrell, the two least obnoxious people in show-cookery!

PS I must say that I was looking for obnoxious pictures of Girl Fieri but she really manages to keep a lid on her zany pictures. Maybe she's not actually obnoxious. BUT THEN WHY WOULD SHE MAKE HERSELF LOOK JUST LIKE GUY FIERI?

Friday, April 8

Patricia Clarkson & Frances Conroy

Really, this should have gone in the other blog's "Celebrities I Confuse With Each Another" post. I can tell when I'm looking at Patricia Clarkson that it's her, but when I'm looking at Frances Conroy, I guess part of me keeps saying "but how can you be so sure?"

I think they look alike enough to play sisters, and that would probably be a great movie. I'd see it BIG TIME.

Tuesday, April 5

COLIN'S CALL: Jordan Staal & Andy Samberg's Chins



My roommate Colin told me that Pittsburgh Penguins center Jordan Staal shares an identical mouth/jawline/chin/chin dimple with SNL'S Andy Samberg! Related: why is it so hard to find a google image of Samberg's chin dimple? It took about 45 minutes to find ONE image that only SORT-OF shows the chimple. Googs, come on.

Great lookalike find, Colin!