Thursday, March 31

Zooey Deschanel & Katy Perry DUH

WHICH IS WHICH? (Answer below)

Good old Kit Kat Turnbladt reminded me of this celebrity lookalike doozy after I'd neglected to mention it for months and months. It's high time I declare that Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry are basically twins. I remember when Katy Perry's H&M ads were out (the ones with awkward shirt-swimsuits blech), I was like "Does Zooey usually pose with only underwear on? I guess so?" But it was Katy. Also, both are musicians who are married to musicians. I just found out the other day that Zooey is married to Postal Service & Death Cab For Cutie's Ben Gibbard. And apparently Russell Brand was a musician while still operating out of Merrye Aulde Englande. A COMEDY musician!

(ZD on the left, KP on the right)

Thursday, March 24

Hats Off to Spy Magazine for Doing It First

As I wrote in my first ever post for Celebrities That Look Alike, I came up with this idea when a blog post for Becklectic got too long. As it turns out, Spy Magazine had the idea wayyy before I did. It was a segment called "Separated at Birth," and recently Slate did a 25th anniversary retrospective on it.

Spy went for some hilarious lookalikes (see: Paul McCartney & Angela Lansbury, Bono & Robin Williams), and it makes me feel pretty dumb for being so earnest with my lookalikes. But in that earnestness, is there not some shadow of hilarity? At my sincerity, do you not laugh? At my lack of a wink, do you not find - in turn - a surprise wink? ...No?

Am I the only one who thinks Spy Magazine must be an extended edition of "Spy vs. Spy?"

Brian's Friend's Call: Ayatollah Khomeini & Sean Connery

According to my roommate's friend, Ayatollah Khomeini looks just like Sean Connery. According to me, YES I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY!

"You're the man now, Imam"

Tuesday, March 22

Matthew Settle & Ian Harding


THE GOSSIP LOOKALIKES KEEP COMING! I met Josh's good friend Ian last week, and besides being a nice and great guy (and a great actor), he also looks like Rufus from Gossip Girl. You may know Ian from his statutory turn in Pretty Little Liars - he plays Ezra Fitz, one of the liars' teacher-boyfriend. 

Could you imagine if he joined the melty cast of Gossip Girl? I guess they'd bring back Brittany Snow to play Lily van der Woodsen because she played her in the backdoor pilot of Lily's Teenage Years: The Shelved Show. But I bet I could come up with someone who looks more like Kelly Rutherford than that. 

Still to go: Chuck, Nate, Jenny, Vanessa, Lily, Eric, is that it? Please send in lookalike candidates if one should strike you!

Thursday, March 17

Leighton Meester & Minka Kelly


 Soon I will find lookalikes for the entire Gossip Girl cast. And then they will put on their own show and it will be all melty and weird. Except for Minka Kelly, of course!

You might already be familiar with Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly as lookalikes - they're in a new SWF movie called The Roommate together, after all - but luckily for me, that doesn't mean I can't post it! Lindsey Hayes Kroeger is credited as the movie's casting person on imdb, but I wonder whose idea it was originally to put the two girls together. It might have been Kroeger, but it might've been someone else entirely. Blake Lively, perhaps?

Actually, considering Minka Kelly's Serena-esque position on Friday Night Butts, I'd say we have another GG hybrid on our hands. Except instead of beauty/sphincter control, Minka would have received her coloring from Blair and her Everyone-Is-Always-In-Love-With-Me-And-Only-Me social status from Serena.

If Natalie Dreyfuss and Minka Kelly were the movie Twins, I think we'd know who got the Arnold Schwarzenegger genes.

Monday, March 14

Teenage Russell Brand & Rico Rodriguez

Now that I see them next to each other, they don't really look alike at all. They just seemed like they would in my imagination.

Hats off to you, teenage Russell Brand and Manny from Modern Family! You look nothing alike, it turns out!

Thursday, March 10

Blake Lively & The Girl from Glory Daze (Natalie Dreyfuss)

A very good friend of mine wrote for the late TBS hit, Glory Daze. It was an hour-long comedy that followed a group of lovable frat pledges in the fall of 1986. Tim Meadows was in it. It was awesome.

The preppie pledge had a preppie girlfriend played by Natalie Dreyfuss. Her character was prim and uptight, perhaps the antithesis of Serena van der Woodsen, but Natalie Dreyfuss the actress looks just like Blake Lively. Also, her character acted as if Serena and Blair had a baby together and the baby got Serena's looks and Blair's sphincter tension. Congratulations, you two!

Friday, March 4

Evan Peters (from The Office) & Penn Badgley

Evan Peters played the intern in the season premiere of The Office this year (at least I think it was the season premiere) - you know, the one Michael Scott spanked. I think he looks like Penn Badgley, of Dan Humphrey fame. They both have black demon eyes.

UPDATE 12/6/11: Evan Peters is getting famous now! AmHorSt, you weirdo.

Wednesday, March 2

Alexis Bledel & Robin Tunney


Alexis Bledel (Rory from Gilmore Girls) and Robin Tunney (What's her face from The Craft) look really similar these days. I think it's because Robin Tunney is specifically doing her hair and makeup to look like Rory. SISTER ROLES!

PS when is Fairuza Balk ever going to end up on this thing already?