Saturday, November 3

Celebrities That TALK Alike! Josh Charles & Richard Belzer

We started watching Sports Night earlier this year, and every single time I was looking away and Josh Charles spoke, I'd be like "IS RICHARD BELZER IN THIS EPISODE??" You guys know what I'm talking about. Josh Charles and Richard Belzer are TALKALIKES!

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Saturday, October 27

Jaime Lannister & Prince Charming from Shrek

I flipped the photo of Jaime Lannister (Game of Thrones, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) to get him to face the same direction as Prince Charming from Shrek, but I don't think I really needed to. These guys are twinzos and everyone else on the internet already knows it.

Maybe I could could come up with enough Shrekalikes for a live-action version. You could probably get Mike Myers to play Shrek, if his costume could get there, I guess. All that green. Dinklage as Lord Farquaad, just because. Maybe you could do Melissa McCarthy for Fiona? They both have that gorgeous auburn hair. Plus you need funny people to be in these roles. The Fairy Godmother should be Megan Mullally.* Donkey would be played by an actual donkey voiced by Rhys Ifans because I love that guy.

*Have you ever written out Megan Mullally's name? Double-double Ls y'all

Saturday, October 20

Bernardg's Call: Will Ferrell & Chad Smith (RHCP)

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, hahahahahahahahah! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! 
This is tremendous!!!!!!!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! Great call, Bernardg! Hahahahahahahahahaahhaahahaahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha lol!

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Saturday, October 13

Maura Tierney & Linda Fiorentino

Maura Tierney and Linda Fiorentino, you may not look THAT much alike, but holy moly I can never tell you apart. One's in Men In Black, the other's in Dogma. No wait, those are both Linda Fiorentino. One's in ER, the other's in Liar, Liar. Nope, both Maura Tierney. Wait.
Like a medicine-tinged, brunette version of Glenn Close & Meryl Streep, I might never be able to say with any certainty which one of you is which. Which is ok because you both seem like ultra professional and together women, much like Close/Streep. Very together, very profesh.

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Tuesday, July 3

Dominic's Call: Stanley Tucci & Mark Strong

 I recently got a comment on the Alexis Bledel & Robin Tunney post that suggested this pairing, and boy, is it exactly right. Stanley Tucci and Mark Strong look so much alike, I spent most of Sherlock Holmes trying to figure out exactly whom to hate. Although Tucci and Strong typically play nice guys and mean guys respectively, they have a very similar aura. It's like they're made of the same DNA and one guy grew up in a supportive environment whereas the other grew up in a mob-owned dumpster.

I also think Mark Strong looks exactly like Andy Garcia. Oddly I don't see any such resemblance between Tucci and Garcia.

Wednesday, June 27

Vincent Kartheiser & Elizabeth Olsen

The other day I was curious about Vincent Kartheiser, who plays Pete Campbell on Mad Men. Is he like Pete in real life, or is he in fact a total hippie with long hair and pouty lips? He is the latter, and for that he looks like Elizabeth Olsen. Look at the way their hair meets their foreheads. Look at their nose & mouth area. Look at their disillusioned green eyes. They're basically twinzos.

Wednesday, May 30

Young James Spader & Gabriel Mann


If there's anyone better than James Spader Now, it's James Spader Then. When Spader was younger, his narrow face honed his now-trademark bitterness, and his aviators harbingered the slippery juggernaut he would one day become. 

It's time to make a movie about young James Spader. And Gabriel Mann, from Revenge and (more importantly) the Mad Men episodes when Betty was riding horses a lot, should play him. 


Wednesday, May 23

Jeanne Tripplehorn & Sela Ward

As far as I know, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Sela Ward must go up for the same parts a lot of the time. Maybe one day they could play adult sisters (if they haven't already), not quite twins but much closer than "regular" siblings. It will be called the Trippletwins.

Wednesday, May 16

Tilda Swinton & David Bowie

Tilda Swinton and David Bowie should have been married and living in a galactic penthouse apartment a long time ago. They are so similar looking, I've seen articles featuring 15 different comparison-images, and each pairing is really astounding. That's not where I got the idea from, though. I got the idea from SIMPLY LOOKING AT THEM.

Also, did you know that David Bowie is one of those two-different-color-eyes people (with heterochromia iridum)? I never knew!

Wednesday, May 9

Justin Theroux & Jesse Bradford


Justin Theroux - who wrote Tropic Thunder, acted in The Ten, and will be directing Zoolander 2 - is a jack of all trades. He also looks sort of like Jesse Bradford, who played Eliza Dushku's brother in Bring It On
Sharp noses + big black eyebrows + jawbone = lookalikesies

Wednesday, May 2

Kenneth Branaugh & Kiefer Sutherland


Kenneth Branagh and Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland look alike. One's Northern Irish and the other's Canadian, which explains the vaguely-English twin thing they have going. Kenneth, Kiefer: this crumpet's for you!

Wednesday, April 25

The Killing Lady & Dylan Baker, who plays preachers a lot


Mireille Enos of AMC's The Killing looks a lot like Dylan Baker of Amy Sedaris's Strangers With Candy (et al). You could use this casting for a movie where transgendered lookalikes trade families but the families are so bland, they decide to just be together instead and go on a bank robbing spree because look at that face! Who would suspect that face?

Thursday, April 19

Benicio Del Toro & Brad Pitt when they both have beards


"These beards...they weigh our faces down so that we have to squint and feel stress in our forehead areas."

Wednesday, April 11

Timothy Busfield & A.D. Miles


Poindexter from Revenge of the Nerds is quite possibly the best redhead in the world, period. And A.D. Miles looks enough like him to make me go ahead and say it: They were WRONG for shelving the Revenge of the Nerds reboot and they will LIVE to regret it. Also, A.D. Miles is a very good redhead.

A.D. Miles and Timothy Busfield forever!

Wednesday, April 4

Tracy Reiner (Betty Spaghetti) & Janice from The Sopranos


Lo and behold, Betty Spaghetti was not played by Tony Soprano's sister! Doesn't it seem like she was, though? Betty Spaghetti was actually played by Tracy Reiner, who is Penny Marshall's daughter and Rob Reiner's step-daughter. Janice Baccalieri nee Soprano was played by Aida Turturro, who is cousins with John (at least according to Wikipedia). These are not the same actress. I'm positive.

Tuesday, March 27

John C. Reilly & The Guy from Deep Space Nine (Colm Meaney)

For a long time I was the kid telling every person on earth that John C. Reilly got his start on Star Trek. "Captain! The's filling the air...with suffocating...falsehoods...Ay ay, cap'n. Let us go into hyperdrive." That is something John C. Reilly has probably never said. Or IS it????????

Clearly this would come in handy in a future Star Trek episode where Colm Meaney meets his boisterous, mildly brain damaged doppelganger.

Tuesday, March 6

Telly Monster & Jim Belushi

Jim Henson was already one of my favorite people ever, but now that I realize he clearly modeled Telly Monster after Jim Belushi, I appreciate him even more. Eyebrows, nose, hapless look. Telly could easily have slipped into the Mr. Destiny role, and Jim could easily slip into a pink furry vest and immediately be dogpiled by kids. Wah wahhhhhhhhh.

Tuesday, February 21

Helen Hunt & Leelee Sobieski

From the moment I first laid eyes on Leelee Sobieski in the Tim Allen classic, Jungle 2 Jungle, I said to myself, "that is Helen Hunt, aged in reverse." And it's true, they are potentially the most alike-looking lookalikes I've ever put on this blog, aside from Blair Waldorf and Minka Kelly. Congratulations, ladies! You are ladylikes!

Tuesday, February 7

Tyra Banks & RuPaul

Ladies, Tyra and RuPaul are two of the most beautiful and glamorous women this world has ever seen. And isn't it strange that you never see them in the same room at the same time? I'm just saying, maybe these are the same person. And maybe that's why I will never grow tired of either.