Thursday, January 27

Yves Saint Laurent & Celebrity/Roommate Brian Fithian


According to The Model Home twitter, one of our roommates looks exactly like a young Yves Saint Laurent. HALLOWEEN COSTUME!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 26

Lee Tergesen & Alexander Skarsgard

Hi Lee Tergesen and Alexander Skarsgard. One of you plays redneck creeps and the other of you creeps on red necks (get it?! vampires and bloody necks, etc). And guess what else! You could play brothers!

Monday, January 24

Alexis Bledel & Sarah Paxton


For a few months there was a show on the CW (or WB) called Summerland. It was about Aunt Becky from Full House and her new group of child foundlings. Her "son" dates a character played by Sarah Paxton, but at the time I distinctly remember seeing her and thinking "Rory?! You bleached your hair just to guest star on Summerland?! RORY, COME ON!"

This would be another fun good vs. evil matchup of casting. They would play two sides of some CW coin I guess.

Friday, January 21

Mark Duplass & Owen Kline

Mark Duplass, king of the mumblecore, has a similar nostril-flare delicacy to Owen Kline. These pictures are far from lookalike-quality, but maybe just watch The Squid & The Whale and then The Puffy Chair and tell me if you think they are actually two different people or not. Or just watch five second clips from them. OR invite Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline over for an anniversary dinner and see if Mark Duplass shows up because I get this funny feeling that he would.

Thursday, January 20

Clive Owen & Sufjan Stevens

Clive Owen could easily play a slightly older version of Sufjan Stevens. I doubt they're much more than a decade apart (if that), but Clive's face already has a lot of time-wrought character whereas Sufjan still has cheeks as smooth as a prep schooler. Does Sufjan act? With all his other talents, I'm sure he can manage a few lines here or there. You know what he could have been great in?! If they had flashed back in Children of Men to when he and Julianne Moore's character were expecting!

Who would have played Julianne Moore? Let me think. Lindsay Lohan? I'm not sure she would age-match Sufjan. I'm also not sure there's enough insurance money in the world. But she has the red hair, freckles, and cat eyes. No, now that I look at a picture of her I see that her coloring is totally different. But Emma Stone might be a reasonable option.

Wednesday, January 19

Rachael Harris & Deborah Rush

Spoken in unison: Hello! We are basically already a mother and daughter team. So toss us a spectacles-rag and let's get to work!

Wednesday, January 12

Uncle Dan Says "Cillian Murphy & Tom Welling"

There were a lot of Cillian Murphy-Tom Welling already-together pictures on google, but each one led me to one of those websites where it automatically takes you from the image preview to the website, and I don't trust that. So here are two separate pictures.

According to Dan Byrne, Cillian Murphy looks just like Superman himself, Tom Welling. I agree. Perhaps this would have come in handy when Cillian was playing a scarecrow in Dark Knight so he could have gone up against Tom in some sort of Super Friends corollary, and they'd go insane because looking at each other is just like looking in a mirror. A kryptonite mirror! And then a scarecrow might actually be scary in that situation.

Tuesday, January 11

Paul F. Tompkins & Ryan Pinkston

 I know what you're thinking - isn't that the kid from one of Andy Richter's several doomed sitcoms, Quintuplets? Yep, you're 100% right. Perhaps if they had let me cast the siblings, it might still be on the air today. And all the quints would be at college together, spending $250,000+ a year and talking about boners or whatever the show was about. Anyways the runt of the litter, played by Ryan Pinkston, had The Last Catchphrase in Television History. It was "You likey????" and it was my favorite thing to say during the summer of 2004. And then I promptly forgot about it until right now.

Ryan Pinkston got his start on Punk'd alongside Dax Shepard. Paul F. Tompkins got his start (as far as I know)* as a talking head on vh1's "I Love This Particular Decade" series. They look alike, but they could look more alike if Ryan Pinkston would put on a suit every once in a while. Just saying, maybe Andy Richter's got one you could borrow.

*Paul F. Tompkins started out on Mr. Show with Bob & David! Thank god for that parenthetical - saved my life. And thanks for the info below!

Sunday, January 9

Cillian Murphy & Christina Robinson

I'm not suggesting that Jacob (Mark Pellegrino) wasn't a great choice for Rita's junkie ex-husband on Dexter, but Cillian Murphy would have made a lot of sense as Astor's (Christina Robinson) dad. Because they are twins.

Here's another picture of her for reference.

Thursday, January 6

Ted Mosby & Aquaman

Years ago, back when the CW was still the WB, there was a failed pilot for an Aquaman series. It was 2007, and a young Justin Hartley was all set to portray the fish-talking hero. I remember seeing a preview for it and thinking "when did Ted Mosby bleach out his hair and hit the gym so hard?" But it wasn't Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) at all; it was a lookalike!

What's funny about this scenario is that the how i met your mother gang often talks about their own doppelgangers, and in this week's episode they finally discovered the fifth one - a Barney lookalike. Ted's doppelganger was played by Josh Radnor, but he could have just as easily been played by this guy. By the way, my roommates and I found a movie on Netflix Instant Watch called Spring Breakdown that starred Justin Hartley and Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, and Parker Posey. It was nutso because it had clearly been funny once, before they edited it down to PG-13. Now it is a weird one.

Tuesday, January 4

Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley, & Winona Ryder



Doesn't K. Knight look like a breed between NatPo and Wino? I said this aloud when I first saw Pirates of the Caribbean. Minus all the awesome 2011 nicknames obviously.

Monday, January 3

Katherine's Call: Isabelle Huppert & Amy Madigan

I woke up this morning to an email from Katherine suggesting that Isabelle Huppert and Amy Madigan might be a good fit for Celebrities That Look Alike. I AGREED! I pulled a picture of a particularly young Amy Madigan (even younger than Uncle Buck Amy Madigan!) in order to fully show her similarities to Isabelle Huppert (better known as Catherine Vauban to us all), which are grand. 

I'm thinking Sisters, there were never such devoted sisters!

Saturday, January 1

Jennie Garth & Doris Day

Jennie Garth should play Doris Day. This picture makes her look like a twin sister, and I doubt they were even trying. She could also do a Doris Day impression pretty easily, if I had to make a wager on it. Is anyone working on a Doris Day biopic? You could probably add some hilarious behind-the-scenes stuff from Pillow Talk. But who should play Rock Hudson? More on this later.

UPDATE: James Franco? Their eyelids look alike.

UPDATE: No, Rock Hudson's main thing was that he was a huge rock of a man. Maybe Joan's husband from Mad Men?

 Sam Page & Rock Hudson