Thursday, April 28

Christina Aguilera & Snooki

 Another case of in-real-life-they-look-alike-but-in-still-pictures-not-so-much lookalikes: Xtina and Shnickers! In honor of the premiere of The Voice last night, which I for some reason watched through its entirety, it's time to realize how much Christina Aguilera IS Snooki. They smile the same. They talk the same. In fact, it's almost like around Xtina's "Dirrrrrrrty" phase, Snooki could have just taken over and it explains everything that has happened since. Doesn't it make sense? Snooks comes in and is like "that's hot, let's do assless chaps" and then falls down an abyss of fading pop queendom until they both get hot again with reality shows! 

I think they look even more alike when Xtina has blonde hair, but that blog post was never going to convince you.

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