Wednesday, May 30

Young James Spader & Gabriel Mann


If there's anyone better than James Spader Now, it's James Spader Then. When Spader was younger, his narrow face honed his now-trademark bitterness, and his aviators harbingered the slippery juggernaut he would one day become. 

It's time to make a movie about young James Spader. And Gabriel Mann, from Revenge and (more importantly) the Mad Men episodes when Betty was riding horses a lot, should play him. 



  1. i wasnt the only who saw the lookalike :) wow young james spader is beyond looking good

  2. Young James Spader was hot as hell. I loved his smarmy roles...he's great at the male “rich bitch" and when he plays those roles he oozes sex. I also think he's really versatile, as I've seen him as the victim or underdog in roles as well. Always one of my top two favorite actors.

  3. I really thought Gabriel Mann was James Spader's son, they look so much alike and actually have the same mannerisms.

  4. I thought they were really related, I grew up with Spade and seeing Mann threw me in shock