Wednesday, January 12

Uncle Dan Says "Cillian Murphy & Tom Welling"

There were a lot of Cillian Murphy-Tom Welling already-together pictures on google, but each one led me to one of those websites where it automatically takes you from the image preview to the website, and I don't trust that. So here are two separate pictures.

According to Dan Byrne, Cillian Murphy looks just like Superman himself, Tom Welling. I agree. Perhaps this would have come in handy when Cillian was playing a scarecrow in Dark Knight so he could have gone up against Tom in some sort of Super Friends corollary, and they'd go insane because looking at each other is just like looking in a mirror. A kryptonite mirror! And then a scarecrow might actually be scary in that situation.

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  1. I actually look a little bit like them.