Saturday, January 1

Jennie Garth & Doris Day

Jennie Garth should play Doris Day. This picture makes her look like a twin sister, and I doubt they were even trying. She could also do a Doris Day impression pretty easily, if I had to make a wager on it. Is anyone working on a Doris Day biopic? You could probably add some hilarious behind-the-scenes stuff from Pillow Talk. But who should play Rock Hudson? More on this later.

UPDATE: James Franco? Their eyelids look alike.

UPDATE: No, Rock Hudson's main thing was that he was a huge rock of a man. Maybe Joan's husband from Mad Men?

 Sam Page & Rock Hudson


  1. Nope, sorry! he doesn't look anything like Rock Hudson! don't get me wrong, goodlooking fella, but not a patch on Rock Hudson. Rock Hudson has classic handsome look's something not so easily emulated now a days, maybe George clooney, Brad Pitt but thats all I can think of who come near classic good look's. The guy has a pointed chin

  2. Dermot Mulroney looks more like Rock Hudson than that guy.

  3. Nope to both the comparisons. They don't look alike.