Tuesday, January 11

Paul F. Tompkins & Ryan Pinkston

 I know what you're thinking - isn't that the kid from one of Andy Richter's several doomed sitcoms, Quintuplets? Yep, you're 100% right. Perhaps if they had let me cast the siblings, it might still be on the air today. And all the quints would be at college together, spending $250,000+ a year and talking about boners or whatever the show was about. Anyways the runt of the litter, played by Ryan Pinkston, had The Last Catchphrase in Television History. It was "You likey????" and it was my favorite thing to say during the summer of 2004. And then I promptly forgot about it until right now.

Ryan Pinkston got his start on Punk'd alongside Dax Shepard. Paul F. Tompkins got his start (as far as I know)* as a talking head on vh1's "I Love This Particular Decade" series. They look alike, but they could look more alike if Ryan Pinkston would put on a suit every once in a while. Just saying, maybe Andy Richter's got one you could borrow.

*Paul F. Tompkins started out on Mr. Show with Bob & David! Thank god for that parenthetical - saved my life. And thanks for the info below!


  1. PFT started on Mr. Show! also lol that kid should be sad now that you've pointed out how ugly he's going to be when he grows up