Saturday, October 13

Maura Tierney & Linda Fiorentino

Maura Tierney and Linda Fiorentino, you may not look THAT much alike, but holy moly I can never tell you apart. One's in Men In Black, the other's in Dogma. No wait, those are both Linda Fiorentino. One's in ER, the other's in Liar, Liar. Nope, both Maura Tierney. Wait.
Like a medicine-tinged, brunette version of Glenn Close & Meryl Streep, I might never be able to say with any certainty which one of you is which. Which is ok because you both seem like ultra professional and together women, much like Close/Streep. Very together, very profesh.

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  1. just got them mixed up.
    Ditto agreement on Close/Streep.
    Don"t forget Tim Olyphant/Josh Duhamel
    I can't tell Voices apart: Pattie LaBelle/Macy Gray/Tina Turner
    Gwen Stefani/Save Ferris
    Janet Jackson/Paula Abdul.

  2. First pic looks like Denise Sherwood from ARMY WIVES! Hehehe.