Tuesday, March 22

Matthew Settle & Ian Harding


THE GOSSIP LOOKALIKES KEEP COMING! I met Josh's good friend Ian last week, and besides being a nice and great guy (and a great actor), he also looks like Rufus from Gossip Girl. You may know Ian from his statutory turn in Pretty Little Liars - he plays Ezra Fitz, one of the liars' teacher-boyfriend. 

Could you imagine if he joined the melty cast of Gossip Girl? I guess they'd bring back Brittany Snow to play Lily van der Woodsen because she played her in the backdoor pilot of Lily's Teenage Years: The Shelved Show. But I bet I could come up with someone who looks more like Kelly Rutherford than that. 

Still to go: Chuck, Nate, Jenny, Vanessa, Lily, Eric, is that it? Please send in lookalike candidates if one should strike you!

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