Wednesday, March 2

Alexis Bledel & Robin Tunney


Alexis Bledel (Rory from Gilmore Girls) and Robin Tunney (What's her face from The Craft) look really similar these days. I think it's because Robin Tunney is specifically doing her hair and makeup to look like Rory. SISTER ROLES!

PS when is Fairuza Balk ever going to end up on this thing already?


  1. I was gratified to see that someone else noticed the striking similarity. I had never heard of Alexis and saw her in a movie yesterday. I thought, "Isn't that the other actress I like?" I racked my brain trying to remember Robin's name but it finally came to me. I thought that maybe Alexis was Robin's daughter but Wikipedia told me otherwise. My son constantly tells me I'm wrong when I spot resemblances. This one he cannot argue! How about Stanley Tucci & Mark Strong?

  2. Wow, great call! I'm going to make Stanley Tucci & Mark Strong a post, if that's alright with you!