Thursday, March 24

Hats Off to Spy Magazine for Doing It First

As I wrote in my first ever post for Celebrities That Look Alike, I came up with this idea when a blog post for Becklectic got too long. As it turns out, Spy Magazine had the idea wayyy before I did. It was a segment called "Separated at Birth," and recently Slate did a 25th anniversary retrospective on it.

Spy went for some hilarious lookalikes (see: Paul McCartney & Angela Lansbury, Bono & Robin Williams), and it makes me feel pretty dumb for being so earnest with my lookalikes. But in that earnestness, is there not some shadow of hilarity? At my sincerity, do you not laugh? At my lack of a wink, do you not find - in turn - a surprise wink? ...No?

Am I the only one who thinks Spy Magazine must be an extended edition of "Spy vs. Spy?"

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