Thursday, February 10

Agyness Deyn & Cobie Smulders

Agyness Deyn was a super popular model last decade. I'm pretty sure she's just kind of hanging out for right now, but I think she's really cool and I hope she gets a new buzz again soon ("buzz" meaning a popularity burst and/or a buzzcut). Cobie Smulders plays Robin Scherbatsky on how i met your mother, and I think she is also really cool. Apparently she's the same age as my brother, which is alarming - if this is the show's 6th season, does that mean that when it started she was 3 years younger than me? Sound the alarm.

Anyways, they look alike sometimes. These pictures are as close as I could get. But right?!

PS You have to disregard the hair a-doyyyy.


  1. Robin Tunney from Prison Break looks like Cobie Smulders as well :)

  2. Interesting! I could see that. I think Robin Tunney is looking like late Rory Gilmore these days.