Thursday, February 24

Kevin Alejandro & the guy from Burn Notice


It's sort of hard to see how much they look alike in this picture, but I had no choice when I saw the identical arm-worship poses. Kevin Alejandro (Jesus from True Blood) and Jeffrey Donovan (the guy from Burn Notice) have really similar face shapes going on. How would you utilize a similarity like this? I can't see them playing brothers, and they seem more or less the same age. Maybe one could play Dr. Jekyll while the other one plays Mr. Hyde? Or otherwise they could be in a psychotic thriller as two versions of the same person, which gets to be too much for the female lead to handle. Then she splits into two people. And then they tell their friends, and they tell their friends...


  1. They dont look alike AT ALL

  2. They totally look alike. I was watching burn notice trying to figure out where else I had since this guy. Thankfully came across your post and had my "aha" moment.