Thursday, February 17

Max Burkholder & Jack White (Parenthood FTW)

Max Burkholder (aka Max from Parenthood) has a lot of talent. He plays a kid whose parents and Aspergers are always at odds. He also looks exactly like Jack White. 

It's not just the coloring, which is basically precisely the same - it's also the expressions they get on their faces. Both of these people seem able to remove themselves from earth and to seriously consider their thoughts from lightyears away. They both seem like they could come out of a trance with a fully-formed masterpiece inside their brains. They are both pale with long wavy dark hair and dark eyes. We did it!


  1. I actually searched Max Burkholder to see if he was related to Jack White in any way, he looks like his son! I knew Jack White had two children, neither of them have this close a resemblance to him, very strange. Both are extremely talented and do have a way of distancing themselves, certainly Max playing a role with Aspergers.

  2. Burhkoider. Max. Jennfe. Gooooodt. Yo so the yo ko ��