Friday, February 11

Elizabeth Perkins & Margaret Colin & Katie Holmes

 Blair Waldorf's mom (Margaret Colin) and Elizabeth Perkins could play sisters. If the movie needed Blair Waldorf's mom to have an adult daughter, Katie Holmes could play her. They have similar undereye smile lines and coloring (if Holmes would dye her hair sort of red). These women look so much like family, their actual families must be confused all the time! Yes, they must.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I just watched "First Daughter" and was struck by how much Katie looked like Elizabeth Perkins BUT THEN I realized it wasn't Elizabeth Perkins and YES you are right. They all look so much alike that it's a shame they haven't had a movie together.

  2. I hadn't seen First Daughter, which makes me realize I should be imdbing these people before I post things. But thanks so much for the agreement!

  3. I think that Elizabeth P. also looks like Judy Garland. E. P. would make an excellent adult "Dorothy" in The Wizard of Oz.