Thursday, February 3

Katherine's Call: Angela Bower & Violet Bickerstaff

 Angela Bower (played by Judith Light) and Violet Bickerstaff (Screech's girlfriend, played by Tori Spelling) are basically identical. This is a great call by Kit Kat, if I do say so myself. The only issue is that Judith Light and Tori Spelling, themselves, are such polar opposites (even if they do still look slightly similar) that to put them together NOT as their characters would make anyone barf. Seriously, Judith Light plays like, Supreme Court judges. Tori Spelling tries on bathing suits for her reality tv show. Judith Light does legitimate theatre. Tori Spelling put her babies on television. Once I saw Judith Light in an elevator. Once I saw Tori Spelling in my toilet.

I'm thinking Time Travel Girl-Nerd Comedy, adult and teenaged.

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